Sagging and sloping floors can be mild or serious. Some homeowners never notice a slightly sloped floor, while others have floors that sag so severely that they can’t help but notice. If you’ve noticed sagging or sloping floors in your home, have you wondered why? Several problems can lead to issues with floors becoming uneven, and it can be difficult to fix.

Main Causes:

One of the primary causes of sagging flooring is foundation issues; however, poorly installed joists or sub-floors, rotting wood supports or some other issue may be the cause. In older homes, more than one issue may be at play.

Who To Call:

Because diagnosing the source of your problem floors can be tricky, choose your contractor carefully. Unless you have someone you trust completely, you might want to contact a structural engineer for the job. Structural engineers will have no conflicts that will influence their diagnosis.. Having this expert opinion is crucial as you make your choice about what type or contractor you should employ to fix your sagging floor.

Foundation specialists can address structural problems directly, and then fix your sloping floor by jacking up your floor joists and installing supports, or they may need to jack up your entire house and put in new footers. If you do have to jack up your whole house, please be patient. If you try to rush the process, you can end up with serious structural damage. It’s not unusual for the process to take several weeks.

Once the root cause is addressed, you can then make decisions about the flooring. If the distortion wasn’t too great, you might decide to keep your existing flooring. However, many times the floors are too damaged to be desirable, either from existing damage or damage incurred during the repair process. You’ll want to get your situation evaluated by a local flooring expert.

Replacing Your Floors:

If you’re looking to replace your flooring, click here to contact a trusted, experienced specialist. Choosing the right floor to replace sagging and unsightly flooring is essential toward providing the essence of a home. Particularly for homeowners of older homes, choosing new flooring comes with a desire to honor the history of the home.

It’s good that you’ve noticed that your floors have a problem with sagging. Now you can start doing something about it before the problem worsens. The process may sound intimidating, but in the end, you’ll have a beautiful, even floor, and you can enjoy your home and family more than ever.