Have you noticed that you have cracks in your foundation? If you have a cracked foundation, you may be worried about what it means, what the cost to repair it might be or even about how to fix it by yourself.

When you first noticed a problem, you were probably extremely concerned. Small cracks in your foundation can indicate problems that need to be fixed before they get worse. Other signs can also indicate a foundation problem, such as doors sagging in their frames, stuck windows, chimneys that are pulling away from the wall, or cracks on your walls. Sometimes you might notice that your floor is uneven or the walls are bowing, especially in a basement. These signs necessitate a call to a local expert who can evaluate the problem.

Don’t Wait

Getting problems with your foundation checked is important and should be done sooner than later. Waiting to address a crack in foundation can lead to the crack enlarging, and to a worsening of other associated issues.

Foundation fractures can be a result of a process known as foundation settlement. This can occur when the ground underneath the home can’t support the full weight of the home. Once foundation settlement is underway, vertical and horizontal cracks can both be evident on walls and in the floor.

Vertical vs. Horizontal

Vertical splits are the most common type of fissure associated with foundation settling issues, and they are generally easier to treat. Horizontal fractures generally result from soil pressure problems and are typically a worse symptom to see than those that are vertical.

Vertical cracks can often be addressed more easily and earlier in foundation settling cases, before issues worsen. Horizontal cracks can typically be seen running from one wall to another and can be a result of poor soil pressure or inadequate water drainage. These should lead you to get immediate professional inspection and foundation repair.

If you have a cracked foundation, the flooring above it is likely also damaged. It’s possible that the flooring is intact, but that the repair process to the foundation has damaged it beyond repair. If this is the case, you are likely to pursue new flooring once your cracked foundation is treated and your insurance claim has been processed. Do you need advice on the best floor to fit your lifestyle and budget? Click here to find a local expert to assist you.

Don’t wait to get your horizontal or vertical foundation cracks inspected. Get started on repairing the problem before it does more damage to your walls and floor.