Is your water heater’s drain valve leaking? You will need to fix it. Depending on the quality and age of your individual water heater, it might be something you can fix yourself.

The drain valve is located near the bottom of your water heater. Most units come equipped with a plastic valve that can degrade or collect sediment over time, leading to an alarming leak. To check if the leak is caused by debris instead of valve failure, simply open the valve slightly, allow some water to drain out, and then tighten it again. This washes out any bits of dirt or other matter from the valve area. If this stops your leak, then you’ve fixed your problem!

If your valve continues to leak, examine it closely again. Is the water coming freely out of the spigot or is it leaking where the valve is connected to the tank? If the former, you could simply purchase a cap for your valve and close off the end. If the latter, you will certainly need to replace the valve. When you do, don’t replace it with a comparable plastic valve; seek out a brass valve that will last much longer.

If you choose to replace the valve we recommend contacting a certified professional to do this work for you. Your water heater may be filled with very hot water and is heated by gas or electricity.  You will want to make sure the proper procedures are followed to reduce the risk of damage or injury. Call in the professionals to replace the leaking drain valve for you. If your leaking water heater damaged the flooring in your home, you might want to replace it. Click here to contact local experts who will help you choose the best new floors to replace those damaged by your leaking water heater valve.