If your home was damaged or destroyed by a tornado, you are certainly in shock. Natural disasters sweep through communities leaving behind a wake of confused and stunned homeowners. What can you do now? All of your paperwork may be gone completely, leaving you unsure of even the first step to take.

Call Your Insurance Company

You will want to contact your insurance company as soon as possible. Don’t worry if you don’t remember your policy number or have any of the associated paperwork. Your insurance company will have all of that on file. An agent will be sent to evaluate your damage and to help you through the process of recovery. The sooner you file your claim, the sooner you can begin rebuilding and recovering.

Make Sure Your Home Is Safe

Don’t enter your damaged home unless you have been told it is safe enough to enter. Tornado damage often includes downed power lines and/or gas leaks. Entering a property for any reason before it’s cleared by local officials can lead to life-threatening injuries, so put safety first. If there is water in the home, keep your electricity off.

Once it’s safe to enter, you can protect your belongings from looters or other issues by boarding up your windows and doors. Salvage what you can of your personal items and make a list of everything you can remember that was damaged.

Take Inventory

After a disaster such as a tornado, an agent will walk with you through your home and take extensive photographs. As many as two or three days will be needed for the homeowner to work with the agent on an inventory of lost items. It is extremely helpful at this time for the homeowner to have photographs of the missing or damaged items. Preparing ahead of time by having a simple collection of photographs of each room in your house can be extremely helpful. These photos, stored safely online, can help you remember the smallest details about what’s missing or damaged and what it might cost to replace.

Focus On The Future

Your damaged home can be rebuilt and many belongings can be repurchased as you restore your home. It certainly seems overwhelming at the start, but try to focus on a time period down the road, one where you’ll be back in your home, newly restored, getting back to what was normal for you. In the process of rebuilding your home, you might be restoring your floors. To find the best local company to assist you with your flooring needs, click here. You, too, with the help of your insurance company and others, will get your life back on track after a tornado damages your home.