Having a washing machine upstairs seems like a great idea. After all, upstairs is where the clothes closets and bureau drawers are located. Having your washer/drier upstairs saves you multiple trips up and down as you clean, dry, fold and put away your laundry. Unfortunately, this means that if your broken upstairs washing machine leaks water, it can damage not only the upstairs flooring, but also the ceiling and walls of the floor below.

Broken washing machines can be problematic. Before you begin trying to address the problems resulting from the upstairs water leakage, you have to stop further leaks from occurring. Old, damaged or worn supply hoses, internal hoses, fittings or washers can all be at the root of a leaking washing machine. If you have the tools, information and confidence to address the leak yourself, you could certainly fix the problem.

Discover The Leak

Once the source of the leak has been discovered and remedied, the issues resulting from the water in your walls, ceiling and flooring will need to be fixed. Leaking upstairs washing machines can lead to severe problems in lower floors. Moist, warm air can create a perfect environment for dangerous mold to grow in the ceiling or dry wall.

Look Out For Mold

Mold begins to grow between one and ten days following water damage. Mold thrives on dry wall, cardboard, wood, fabric, soap and even flakes of human skin, and begins to release dangerous mycotoxins, even long after the building has dried out completely. Breathing these toxins can be very dangerous for your health. Symptoms of mold exposure may include cough, throat, nose or eye irritation, itchy skin, headache, congestion or acute sneezing.

How To Care For Home Damage

If your home has damage following a broken washing machine, click here to contact an expert to help you clean up the damage before it gets worse. You may need new walls, ceilings and floors in one or more rooms. Talk to your insurance agent and then work with local flooring companies who can help you restore your home and resume your normal life as soon as possible.

When your washing machine leaks water, stop the leak first and then check your home for damage. Even small patches of mold can spread throughout your house and affect your health and the health of those you love. Don’t wait to get your situation evaluated or to get help to make your home safe and beautiful again.