When it rains, is water coming from your ceiling? Is it leaking by a skylight or light fixture? Do you see obvious signs of damage to your ceiling that have grown worse with time? You might have a roof leak. So now what?

Catch The Water

If the water is still leaking, take steps to catch the water before it pools on the floor and causes more damage. A strategically placed bucket will help save your flooring. If the leak is extreme and your ceiling is beginning to malform, you may need to drill a hole to help the water flow freely instead of pooling.

At this stage, the wrong thing to do is to ignore your leaky roof. You’ll need to take steps to fix the leak before water damage ruins your home with mold, structural damage or foundation issues. One of the most difficult steps can be to determine where the leak originates.

Find The Leak

Most homeowners assume that the leak in the roof is located directly above the site where you notice the damage or leaking water, but this isn’t true. Water can be leaking far away from where you first notice it. Gravity and the properties of water can lead it to flow down the underside of the roof before it finally drops on the ceiling where you begin to notice it.

In order to locate the leak, you’ll need to be observant and persistent. Begin by looking at the surface of your roof from outside of your home. This can show you any obvious areas of damage such as missing shingles, obvious holes or damage made by animals. You can also make note of notorious problem areas such as plumbing vents or skylights. Once you’ve examined the outer surface of your roof, it’s time to look in the attic.

Take a flashlight to the attic and look for obvious signs of leaking. Places that are particularly susceptible to roof leaks are plumbing penetrations, skylights, chimneys or roof flashing. If you’re able to determine the source of the leak, you might be able to fix it yourself without a professional roofer. If the damage is extensive, contact a trusted expert to do the repairs.

Care For The Damage

If your flooring or carpet was damaged due to the leak in your roof, you might choose to replace it completely. If so, click here to find a trusted local flooring company to help you choose the right flooring for your family’s needs.

Don’t wait to find and fix the leak in your roof. Waiting can only make water damage worse. Stop your leak today!