It is not an exaggeration to say that your life may never be quite the same after your home has been damaged by a tornado. This type of natural disaster can leave property demolished and lives turned upside down. You are one of the lucky ones if you have homeowner’s insurance, but you may be surprised to learn that even with obvious damage from a tornado, it is not uncommon for disputes, delays and denials to happen when it comes to insurance.

It is important for you to make the most out of your insurance claim for tornado damage.

Here are some guidelines to follow if this happens to you:

  • Photograph and videotape the house, its contents, and associated debris before moving or getting rid of anything. Also wait to make any repairs until the damage is documented.
  • Cover holes in the roof or walls with tarps.
  • Even though you might think your belongings are ruined, do not throw things away immediately.
  • Document all damage like structural cracks that weren’t there before the tornado.
  • Hire others for debris cleanup to help ensure you’ll be compensated by your insurance for the work.
  • Keep all expense receipts.
  • Make copies of documents and photos for insurance instead of supplying the originals.
  • Arrange for a safe place to live if your home is not suitable, as well as storage for your belongings.
  • Get a contract written for repair work that contains clear fee estimates, as opposed to language like “for an amount the insurance agency states,” which is often considered an illegal contract.

After you have submitted your insurance claim, an adjuster will evaluate the tornado damage. Make sure you show all property damage to the adjuster, and have a witness with you during the visit. Ask for a receipt from the adjuster for any documents or photos you provide. Before signing a proof of loss, inspect the document carefully to avoid errors. Stand up for your expectations of coverage and do not settle for supplementing the claim later if something was missed. It’s better to make sure the insurance claim is correct from the beginning.

You should expect the adjuster to come out quickly to assess the tornado damage, and your providing as much documentation as possible will aid in the process. Even so, sometimes claims are disputed by the insurance company. Do not give up if you believe you are not being compensated as you should. If you have homeowner’s insurance with tornado coverage, you have the right to receive support. It is the best way to ensure restoring your home in such ways as replacing flooring. Click here to find a reputable local company to help with your flooring needs and get things back to normal after tornado damage.