Do you have a leak near your window unit? Do you know if the window unit is leaking or if the leak is coming from the window itself?

Water damage is nothing to ignore, and a leaking window or window unit can mean major trouble for a homeowner. No matter the rate at which the water is coming into your house, it can ruin rugs, carpeting, wooden flooring and even walls and wallpaper. Structural damage to the wall, window frame, floor or foundation can result from a leaking window.

Find The Leak

You will need to determine the source of your leak. Can you see the water coming from the window unit? All air conditioners produce water, but not all of them leak. Water collecting on internal coils is cooled by evaporating refrigerant. This cooling process dehumidifies the room, and any condensed water should drain outside. If the water is draining inside, improper installation or colder weather can be the culprit.

If the water seems to be coming from the window unit, check to see that it’s tilted properly. You’ll need to determine which angle is correct for your particular window unit; it varies by model. Your window unit could also be leaking because it’s iced over, has dirty or blocked coils, dirty filters, incorrect levels of refrigerant, or compressor or control problems. If necessary, contact a specialist to fix your window unit leak.

If you can’t be sure that the water leaking into your home is coming from the window unit, it might be coming from the window. Sometimes the window leak results from a problem on the roof, or with the gutter system. Water leaks can be tricky to trace; water can seep in through small cracks and travel long distances before it begins to drip inside your home. You might want to start outside to make some visual observations.

Look for any cracks in the caulk around the window or any damage to the bricks, wood or other structure near the window, especially above it. Sometimes homeowners believe that one window in their home is leaking, only to find out that the leak is in an upstairs window and that the water is only entering the home at the floor below. If the window and surrounding area seems intact, look to the roof and along the gutters for signs of a problem.

Determine Repairs

Depending on the amount of damage done to your flooring from your window or window unit leak, you may need to pursue repairs to your floor. If the damage is extensive or too difficult to repair, you may require completely new wood flooring, carpet or other floor covering. It can be an opportunity to get the new floor you’ve been wanting. Click here to contact a local flooring expert.

It’s important to diagnose and fix any window leaks before they worsen. Get an evaluation of your leaky window unit and water damage today.