If you’ve had a house fire, you know that the damage extends far beyond where the fire was actually located. Even small fires located in one room can lead to water damage in large areas of your home, but the real damage that can extend to your entire home is the smoke and soot damage.

Smoke and soot damage to your home after a house fire can be significant. The soot can leave a film on every wall and every surface of your home. Extinguisher residue can also be present in areas you wouldn’t suspect.

Cleaning Up After Smoke Damage:

If your fire was large and affected major areas of your home, leaving the cleanup to the disaster restoration companies is always the best choice; however, if the fire in your home was small and the cleanup is restricted to only a few rooms, you can try some of the following tips to clean up smoke damage yourself.

Soot must be cleaned correctly in order to remove completely. The best products will contain tri-sodium phosphate. Mix the product with water as instructed on the packaging, and apply with a sponge. Wipe the walls until they are clean and then let them air dry.

Residue left by extinguishers can be cleaned with a shop vacuum. You can also vacuum up any dry soot that remains. If you don’t own a shop vacuum, you are able to rent them. The soot contains the odor of the fire, and the more soot you can remove, the less your home will smell of fire.

If you choose to try to salvage your furnishings, it’s best to get help from a professional cleaning service. Rugs, carpets and curtains may not be able to be salvaged at all, and items such as flooring will need to be replaced when you are in the process of rebuilding. Click here to locate a reputable local flooring company.

Air out your home as much as possible by opening all of your windows and doors. It doesn’t matter if it’s freezing outside; fresh air will benefit your home.

Use Proper Safety Equipment

Anyone who is present for cleanup should have proper gear for protection, such as a quality mask with filters, thick-soled boots and strong cleaning gloves. The property is full of chemicals and other particulates that can damage your body. Fire cleanup is no place for children; it can be very dangerous.

In addition to the smoke damage following a fire, you’ll need to address any water damage quickly. Mold can begin to grow shortly after a fire if your home isn’t dried and dehumidified properly. Smoke and water damage restoration companies can assist you in moving forward after a house fire. Click here to find a company to evaluate your situation and to provide the help you need.

As you clean up, keep an accurate inventory of all property being removed, such as furniture and electronics. You’ll need this for insurance purposes.

When you’re dealing with cleanup after a house fire, dealing with smoke damage can seem overwhelming. Click here to begin working with a trusted fire and water restoration company to make your journey to recovery from your house fire as easy and as stress-free as possible. Once cleanup has been completed, it will help you get on the path to rebuilding, redecorating and rediscovering your home.