Did you just discover water coming up through your basement floor? If so, you may be beginning to panic. What should you do if your basement floods? Whether you’re facing a flooded basement at this moment or if you simply want to be prepared in case of future issues, there are things you can do immediately to reduce your risk of property damage and long-term issues.

Once you’ve discovered your basement flooding, you’ll want to call an expert. Until that company arrives, however, you can begin working. It’s important to remember, however, that the water inside your basement is likely unclean, and could contain many dangerous viruses or bacteria, especially if it contains raw sewage. Electrical dangers are also real. Be careful.

Turn off any electricity that could leave your basement dangerous. Cut the breakers to any area you suspect has water damage and never wade into any water before you know if that water is safe.

If your flooding issue is related to in-home plumbing problems – as opposed to water coming in from groundwater flooding or heavy rain – turn off the water at the source. If your water heater, washing machine or pipes are failing in your basement, the amount of water released into your basement can be extreme. It can even fill your basement like a swimming pool! Turning off the water can stop this process and allow you to get on with your repairs.

Once you’ve stopped the basement flooding and turned off the electricity, you can begin removing any personal items from the water to begin the cleaning and drying process. Assume that the water itself is filthy, as well as anything you remove from your flooded basement. If you have any health issues or are unable to protect yourself from the bacteria left behind, it’s best if you postpone any cleanup until a restoration company arrives.

Professional companies are already established to help with flooded basement cleanup. They know what to do and they have all the equipment needed to remove the water and to begin salvaging water-damaged items. It’s important to take the advice of the restoration company, especially regarding recovered items. Documents, photos and fabric items may seem fine when they’re first removed, but they may begin to grow dangerous mold as time goes by.

As you work to clean your flooded basement, take photos of everything for your insurance company. When the process of recovery begins, you’ll want to look into new floor covering to restore your living space. Click here to locate a trusted local expert who can work with you and your water-damaged basement to restore it to better-than-new condition with a new floor covering you will love.

If your basement has flooded, take a deep breath. You can contact local water restoration companies who have the experience and equipment you need to help you through. In only a short time, you’ll be enjoying your basement again.