Did you have a fire at your house? That can be frightening and confusing when it’s happening, and those feelings can only intensify when you start planning the cleanup. Whether your house fire was big or small, you’ll need help for the cleanup. Not only does the fire damage your home and its contents, but the water that puts out the fire does its own damage. Left wet too long, that water can quickly turn to mold, and your worries can multiply. This isn’t the best task for a do-it-yourself project.

After your house fire is extinguished, you will want to call a fire damage restoration company immediately. Turning to a company with extensive experience can save you time and money, and can possibly save or restore some of your most precious possessions.

Start From The Bottom Up:

One of the first things that needs to be done is to have a thorough evaluation of the structure of your home. Even a small fire can leave your home structurally unsound. It’s not safe to clean up after a fire in a home that isn’t sound. It puts you and the workers at risk.

If your home has been deemed safe, one of the first steps will be to remove any damaged building materials and personal property from the premises. Damage can come from the fire or from the smoke. You might find that items located across the house from the fire will need to be cleaned or restored. Smoke damage can lead to odors that linger for years, so it’s important to have help restoring the quality of the air in your home.

Soft furniture and fabric upholstery can carry the scent of fire long after the fire is gone. If properly cleaned and restored, you could continue to enjoy that furniture in the future. Trust your restoration company to advise you if your personal items can be saved.

Water Damage:

Water damage must be addressed immediately, or mold and structural problems can ensue. Some companies will utilize moving air to help dry your home while others will turn to heated air, similar to a hair dryer. If you ignore water damage, you can end up with doors that won’t close, windows that won’t open or floors that are buckled, as well as disease-causing mold and bacteria.

To get the help you need restoring your home after a house fire, click here to be put in touch with an expert local company. Don’t wait; contact them today.